When our souls need to breathe

The hustle of a new morning hits me and the desire to roll over and ignore the sun is strong. But the laundry calls and the dishes I left last night are already taunting me.

I pour that first cup and begin the hustle of last night’s unfinished work.

Clothes are thrown into the wash, plants watered before the heat of the day and I find myself busy while my coffee sits cold. My head is a jumbled mess of activities and my stomach churns from situations out of my control.

“God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” ~ Psalm 46:1


The mountains of laundry haven’t fallen and the sea of dishes hasn’t pulled me under but there’s an ache in my heart for some quiet and rest.

Lazy calls out, “Scroll for a while and take your mind off the stress… maybe you’ll find some good news and a smile for the morning.”

But the real Good News rests on the corner of my desk, piled under files and a list of to-do’s.

Our souls long to breathe yet we settle for temporary and shallow reprieves over the Life that brings oxygen to our souls.

There’s a whisper in my soul, “Come away and find rest. Let your soul breathe.”


Because isn’t that what we ultimately want? We want that deep breath that brings life to our inner being. The refreshing that brings calm to our chaos and peace to our souls.

I have a few minutes.

We always have minutes even in our chaos. The choosing of how we spend those minutes is what determines the quality of our reprieve.

I put down my phone and pick up the Word. I have some minutes… I need to let my soul breathe.


Sitting in the cool shade of the hickories, I hear the soft chirping of the bird resting on the tree branch. I hear the car motors whizzing by and Della snacking away on a random stick she found in the yard. There’s an insect buzzing somewhere and the simplest of butterflies scurries and scoots through the sunshine.

My soul breathes.

Breathe in and out.

Listening to the sounds of the moment slows me down and my soul breathes. My soul needs rest because my heart and mind have been rushed.

He says, “Be still and know that I am God… the Lord Almighty is with you.” ~ Psalm 46:10-11


The chaos of the day can overwhelm and situations we have no control over can engulf our thoughts. So instead of letting those things catapult us into chaos, let Him be the calmer of our seas. Let’s be still, let our soul breathe and let Him carry us through the day.

Rest in His Word and let your soul breathe.

  • What is overwhelming your soul today?
  • What do you need for your soul to breathe today?

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18 thoughts on “When our souls need to breathe

  1. “I put down my phone and pick up the word” That is the Holy Spirit nudging me right there – I am lucky and often get to grab my morning cuppa and take it back to bed – I have that quiet moment and I grab my phone and scroll… I have an opportunity that many lack and I waste it – thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouraging me 🙂


    • Aaaahhhh… I would love coffee in bed! 🙂 You lucky duck! It’s true though how often I waste my opportunities as well. Oh to get better at that! 🙂 Thanks for jumping in and sharing your thoughts with us!


  2. Rachel, love this! Blessed to be your neighbor at Coffee For Your Heart today! It is so easy to turn everything but his Word. But it is truly His Word that breathes life into us…a life that only God can provide. It is so important and essential for us to take the time to sit and be still. I love those words from Psalm 46. And gorgeous images today.


  3. “Our souls long to breathe yet we settle for temporary and shallow reprieves over the Life that brings oxygen to our souls.” Love, love, love! Isn’t it so true? Absolutely beautiful post. Keep writing, sister!


  4. Rachel, this is a BEAUTIFUL post, it breathed quiet into my soul at the end of a hectic, busy day. THANK YOU. Yes, we need to watch out we spend those minutes, so we can #LiveFree


  5. I enjoyed some rest by taking a 4 day trip to the beach with my aunt, her daughter and my daughter. Time at the beach to reflect on the greatness of God is a gift, and a wonderful way to let my soul breath.


  6. thank you for clearly stating our need to connect daily! His word is a lifeline and I really like the way you write! ❤️


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