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When we can’t sleep and need rest

It’s been two weeks now and that just seems like a long time ago.  Yet we are here again with Kate and our friends at Five Minute Friday.  Kate gives the word prompt and we write for 5 minutes on that prompt, link-up together and share.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Our … Continue reading

When our souls need to breathe

The hustle of a new morning hits me and the desire to roll over and ignore the sun is strong. But the laundry calls and the dishes I left last night are already taunting me. I pour that first cup and begin the hustle of last night’s unfinished work. Clothes are thrown into the wash, … Continue reading

Give Yourself a Gift ~ Five Minute Friday

In our crazy days of nonstop schedules and ticker tapes of to-do’s we are overloaded, bogged down and just plain tired. I say, “Today let’s give ourselves a gift!” Let’s give ourselves a Sabbath…. a day of rest! I’m a go getter, list checker and downright crazy lady sometimes when it comes to getting stuff done. … Continue reading

From Busy to Quiet and Still

The morning fog is deep and settled. The sun is waking up the world.  All is quiet and still.  The only sound is the crunch of my own feet and the jingle of Della’s tags on her collar. We see a spider web, brilliant in the morning sun, wet with dew, symmetrically beautiful. “Mom, why … Continue reading