Give Yourself a Gift ~ Five Minute Friday

In our crazy days of nonstop schedules and ticker tapes of to-do’s we are overloaded, bogged down and just plain tired.

I say, “Today let’s give ourselves a gift!”

Let’s give ourselves a Sabbath…. a day of rest!

I’m a go getter, list checker and downright crazy lady sometimes when it comes to getting stuff done. I have a long list rolling off in my head….

  • Put in a load of laundry, sweep the hallway, fold the blankets, brush the dog, make a list, water the plants, send emails, check up on that parishioner….

It is really endless because I continually add and don’t stop.

But I have gotten better. I have learned each week to give myself a Sabbath… a day of rest. A day away from the lists and the ‘to-do’s. Friends, it has given me back some sanity.

God knew what He was doing when He set the example and gave Himself a day of rest. A day to rest from all His work. We would be wise to do the same.


And maybe you’re like me, saying…. “I can’t rest. I’ve got too much to do.” But you know friend, there will always be stuff to do.

We are good at creating stuff. We thrive on busy in our culture. Busy tells us we’re important. Yet in reality, busy just wears us out.

So instead of staying busy, give yourself a gift… give yourself a Sabbath.

  • Go outside, take a walk
  • Swing in a park, slide down some slides
  • Sit by a body of water and just rest
  • Read a good, relaxing, funny book
  • Do a crossword
  • Take a nap

I know, you’re thinking “That would be lovely, Rachel, but ain’t nobody got time for that!” But friend, you do and you desperately need it. You need this gift.

When we take better care of ourselves, we can better care for others.

Here are some tips I have learned in taking a Sabbath

  1. Let the family know – sit down with the family and talk about what day is good and then stick with it. This way you are all on the same page and working toward the same goal of NO WORK!
  2. Have a meal plan – If you are still cooking and cleaning up, that’s work. In our family we have instilled OYO – On Your Own. This means breakfast/lunch are on your own. If your kids are young make it easy — PB& J sandwiches, fruit and chips… Pack a bagged lunch and sit outside on a blanket. The kids will love it! Dinner can be leftovers or go out to eat. If going out is not in the budget then throw in a pre-made casserole or a frozen pizza. Eat off paper plates and throw it all away.
  3. REST – sleep in, sip coffee slowly and stay in your pajama’s as long as possible! Unplug and go offline.  Shut off the screens and take in the life sitting all around you. Incorporate some of the restful ideas listed above and take a day off!

If the idea of a whole day of rest overwhelms you, start slow. Take one morning or afternoon a week. Choose one evening with the family where it is just time together with no work involved.

You will find just a few hours of rest will work wonders in rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.  You will come away rested because you have taken time away.  When we care better for ourselves, we can better care for others!

Give yourself a wonderful gift… give yourself a Sabbath.

Jump into the conversation:

  • What is the hardest thing about resting for you?
  • What are ways you rest and relax?
  • What are some idea’s you have for giving yourself a Sabbath?

We are linking up today with Kate and the gang at Five Minute Friday. Kate gives us a word prompt and we write and link up with encouraging words. If you’d like to join us, click here. Our word prompt today: GIFT.




16 thoughts on “Give Yourself a Gift ~ Five Minute Friday

  1. Absolutely necessary – even though “Ain’t nobody got time for that”!
    Well written and expressed – it’s true, we must come apart before we come apart! God is so wise. He gave us that Sabbath example for a reason, yet we in our “wisdom” think we don’t need it? Silly us!
    Thank you for this bit of fresh air! I’m your neighbor on #FMF!


  2. I love this, Rachel. We are empty nesters but I love to rest. It’s even hard now to do that after raising three kids and still working fulltime – Sonday’s we really strive to do “nothing” but Sonday things: church, lunch, yard, etc. Easy, restful things. I’m #47 to your #49 at FMF today returning the visit. 😉


  3. It’s easy to not take time to rest. We have a rule that we stay off the computer on Sundays, and only do family stuff. It’s amazing how that relaxes your brain and I actually look forward to not having the pressure of checking emails and social media.

    Liked by 1 person

    • That’s a good rule! No screen time is good way to get away from the social media and have some good social time with the people in your real world! Thanks for jumping in and sharing! 🙂


  4. Great post, Rachel. And your suggestions? Spot on! Yes, I need to do this more. I’ll be honest, short naps are my mains source of rest. And unfortunately I usually need them because I’m not sleeping enough at night. Sigh. I’m working on that. I find when I get enough sleep at night, I’m more rested and more productive during the day, not running on the frenetic that too much caffeine gives. 🙂

    I like the idea of a Sabbath. When my hubby is gone, it’s hard to make that time to rest, but I need it. I usually try to hire a sitter and give myself an evening or an afternoon to just do what I want to do. It’s helpful for the spirit and the mindset. 🙂


  5. I’m so glad God gave us the Sabbath to rest and recreate :). I love to go bird watching in my neighborhood (nerdy, I know). We usually go to bed pretty early on Friday night, too–and listen to a lot of toe-tapping, can’t stop the praise kind of music on Sabbath morning :).


    • Hey, bird watching isn’t nerdy! 🙂 I love watching my bird feeders and noticing all my feathered friends that come around! I love to go to bed early as well. It doesn’t always work but I’m so much happier when it does work out that way! 🙂 Thanks for jumping in and sharing!


  6. I am going to show this post to my husband. We both struggle with taking time for rest and rejuvenation, though my health struggles the last 5 years have forced me to face the fact that I need those precious Sabbath moments. (Doesn’t mean I’m good at actually taking them). He’s been so stressed and overworked lately and I can see him heading full-steam toward burn-out. This is definitely something we need to discuss and figure out together!


  7. Since losing my job in April I can not use the excuse, “I don’t have time.” I do have time and I am learning to take it. But not I my problem is felling lazy and useless because I know how hard my husband works during the day I feel guilty taking the time to just sit and rest.


  8. So important for us to take time for Sabbath. Have you read the book “Sabbath” by Wayne Mueller? It is beautiful and a great resource for learning the importance of Sabbath. This time of year it is about sitting on the porch, reading a good book. Spending time with friends too!

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