What To Do While Waiting In Line

Five-Minute-Friday-4It’s Friday and we are linking up with Kate and the gang for Five Minute Friday.  Kate gives us a word prompt and we all write for 5 minutes on that same word, link up and share together.  If you would like to join us, click here.  We would love to read your words!  Word Prompt today:  SEASON

It had been a long day.

We went to dinner because it was easy and we wouldn’t have to clean up the kitchen after eating.

We stopped at the store for a few quick things and because it was cold everyone came in.

We picked up more than a few things and we also picked the slowest line in the store.

We loaded our stuff on the conveyor belt and others lined up behind us. We were boxed in and tightly packed.

The lady in front of us was a bit slower than the average speed. She had lots of questions, details and issues.

We just waited.

Behind us, the line kept changing. People would join our line but after waiting and watching the other lines diminish, they too would leave our line for another.

We kept observing customers load up another line, pay for their things, bag them up and leave the store.

We kept waiting.

It became somewhat humorous. We guessed on how long it would be. We wagered small coins and prizes for being right.

We kept waiting.

We were now invested and couldn’t just pack up our cart again, move and load into another line. I had no place to be except back home on the comfort of my own couch.

Our lady in waiting eventually turned to us and said, “Sorry I’m taking so long you must be tired of waiting!”

Which of course, Dave piped in, “Oh no, we’re fine! We haven’t spent this much quality time together as a family in a long time!”

We all laughed.  I laughed, the cashier laughed, the lady behind us laughed and even our lady in waiting gave a small chuckle.


In this season of long lines, packed parking lots and stressed out people, let’s show a little patience. Let’s season our attitudes, words and opinions with grace.

Bring a little cheer to those around by sprinkling lives with a seasoning of grace.

Happy Friday all!

12 thoughts on “What To Do While Waiting In Line

  1. Oh I love his response! What a wonderful way to see things. I sometimes find myself enjoying a little wait time in line. It’s a chance to play a game with my little girl or have a chat with complete focus. I thought I was the one that felt that way!


    • That’s a good idea as well. We are always teaching our kids how to respond in every situation and when we act impatient we are teaching our kids to be as well! What a good lesson to remember! Thanks for jumping in and sharing! Happy Friday to you!


  2. Waiting in line can be crazy. A couple of years ago I was the lady in line with three kids under age four and feeling super stressed. My kids and I were all tired and hungry and not having a great day. I was worried about what all the people in line thought of me and my nutty little family. I kept apologizing to the cashier for the craziness. A lady in line behind me was on her phone & I imagined her taking pictures of my wild brood and posting them on Facebook, I was on the brink of tears. This same lady piped up and said to me, “Hey, you’re a good mom.” That was all she said and I felt like I had just caught a breath of fresh air before drowning. That lady will never know how much that simple sentence meant to me, it still makes me teary just thinking about it. Waiting in line can be crazy, but try to remember it isn’t as long as we think and you never know what people around you are going through. Happy Friday!!

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    • That’s so great! Yes, I have had those moments as well! That’s why when we were standing there, we weren’t really upset, it really just became funny! And I agree, you never know what someone is facing in their day and it’s always better to grant grace and use kindness when dealing with others. It helps everyone all around! Thanks for jumping in and sharing!


    • Oh, right, I forgot to say that! The word was: Season! I will go back and add that! Thank you! 🙂 (ps, while I was writing this comment back to you, my daughter, Emily, came in and said, “Uh, mom, I just read your blog and you forgot to tell us the word prompt!” Too funny! Thank you! 🙂 Happy Friday to you!


  3. Rachel, I love that your family waited. I sometimes will do that too. It really is a season to be patient and give each other grace. I marked over in the #46 spot this week.

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  4. I love this story! I’ve come to the conclusion that there’s no need to get my knickers in a knot when lines don’t move at the speed I think they should move! (working at a bookstore probably helped this attitude along–sometimes people just need more time). Amen–may we be the season in the season and through all seasons!

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  5. I love how your family approached this situation, Rachel.I always say I have the gift of picking the slowest line, but I’m not always gracious. . . at least not in my thoughts. Maybe if I shift my perspective I’ll be able to keep a more patient spirit. 🙂
    Have a wonderful weekend!


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