Is What I’m Doing Making a Difference?

Five-Minute-Friday-4It’s Friday again and the countdown to Christmas is descending rapidly. We are linking up with Kate Motaung for Five Minute Friday. She gives a word prompt and we all write for 5 minutes and connect back together to share words. If you would like to join us, click here! Our word prompt today is: REFLECT


The reflection of the Christmas lights in the window draws me back in time.

Christmas times from years gone by and memories of sitting around the tree flood my mind.

The amount of presents under the trees and the high-tech gadgetry have changed over the years but deep down people still want the same thing.

Family being near and the sharing of laughter and love. We want peace in our homes and our world.

Reading through my Grandma’s diary, they wanted the same back then. Times were different but wishes were the same.

Dec. 9, 1937: “Thursday – Mary waves ‘bye-bye’ when I hold her to the glass and waving bye-bye she says, “da-da.”

She holds her girl and they stand at the window.  Their own images reflect back in the glass.

Our lives reflect back and we pause for moments taking inventory and evaluating our life’s work.

  • What have we managed?
  • What have we done?
  • Is the one in the reflection the one we want to be?
  • Has my life been what I imagined?
  • How has life changed who I am?

We all want our lives to matter. We all want significance. And making a difference matters to us.

Through the window of time, Grandma’s life mattered. Her moments with those little ones raised a generation to reflect the love of Jesus in their home. That generation raised another generation and another and now another.

I sit at the tree and wonder how many times my own mother sat in the reflection of lights shining back at her. What were her thoughts and her prayers whispered heavenward?

I have one of those moments as a snapshot in my mind.

I’m visiting from college. Mom has changed the lights on the tree to blue. We’ve never had blue before. The decorations are all silver, white and blue. She wanted something different that year and it’s pretty. I sit on the couch and she reclines on the love seat.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask softly.

Mom whispers back, “Christmas’s past. I always miss my mom this time of year.”

I look towards the night beyond the porch eves and the blue lights reflect in the window glass.

The moment is over.

It’s a snapshot in time but clear in my mind.

I often think of that moment as I watch my own Christmas lights reflect back from my own living room windows.

My mind reflects on moments in time and I wonder… is my life making the difference I want it to make? Am I reflecting God’s love well to this generation so their lives will reflect as well?

It’s in these moments God works and whispers. He reminds us, “Our lives matter. We are making a difference and those little moments of loving our little ones well is changing a generation one life at a time.”

14 thoughts on “Is What I’m Doing Making a Difference?

  1. Rachel, I love your photos, and your memories. Your words about our lives mattering are filled with such truth. When times are hard, when we feel insignificant, we need to remember that our lives matter. When we fall short of our ideal, when life doesn’t pan out the way we expected, when things are going well . . . our lives matter. God placed us here, and He is the one who best knows His purposes for us.

    You’ve got me mulling. Thank you. Have a great weekend!


  2. Beautiful memories. I love to watch the lights reflect off of my tree. We truly want our lives to make a difference. My friend Rachel Kurtz has a song that makes me think of your words. The chorus goes like this “I want my life to make a difference, I want my life to make a change.” I’m over in the #11 spot.


  3. Love this line: “The amount of presents under the trees and the high-tech gadgetry have changed over the years but deep down people still want the same thing.” Rachel, what a stirring memory of generations connected. Visiting from FMF #50. Ever grateful for your words.


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