News that Can Change your Outlook Today

Matt came sneaking down the stairs and poked his head in the room.  “Boo!”  he says as he makes his way to the blowing furnace and plops himself down to stay warm.

After a while he pops in with a thought, “Mom, I have something to tell you that makes my heart so happy I am almost bursting!”

“Really?” I say, “What’s that?”

And I’m thinking in my mind…

  • He’s excited his friend is coming tomorrow to play? 
  • He’s excited about baseball and that it’s getting to be warm outside…

But Matt, with a sweet smile on his face says, “I’m a gift to you from God!”

“Yes, Matt! Yes, you are!”


And with that simple Truth,

  • my day doesn’t seem so overwhelming.
  • The to-do list isn’t impossible
  • and I slow myself down just to watch him across the room.

Yes, he is a gift from God…. and not only that, I begin listing those simple yet great gifts God gives to us.

  • A peace that calms us in our storms
  • Wisdom for situations and grace to get us through
  • Strength for the day
  • Joy for the moments that don’t always seem joyful

And as we look to Him and the gifts He gives, those gifts aren’t so hard to find and they’re not difficult to give away…

  • A smile and “Good morning” to the cashier.
  • A friendly wave to the construction workers and parking attendant
  • A scribbled out post-it note to my kids on their desk
  • A cup of coffee shared with a friend

This is good news that should be bursting from our hearts… “We are gifts from God and He loves us to our core.  He has good plans for us and wants to do great things in our lives.”

Remember today friends… You are a gift and you are loved with an everlasting love.


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17 thoughts on “News that Can Change your Outlook Today

  1. How sweet! What a great reminder that we are a gift and that life is a gift from a Father that loves us deeply. I’m your neighbor over at #intentionallypursuing great post! 🙂


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