When we’d rather ‘pass’ in this game of life

Five-Minute-Friday-4It’s Friday with Kate and the Five Minute Friday gang.  This is when Kate gives a word prompt and we write for 5 minutes on the same word, link up and share together.  I’ve you’d like to join us, click here.  Our word prompt today:  PASS


When Dave and I were first married, his family introduced me to a fantastic game called Rook.  It’s a game of chance, skill and a whole lot of playing your cards right.  They are still patient with me as I fumble through playing with these experts on the game.  I do a lot of “pass” when the cards are dealt. ( A risk taker I am not.)  I like placing a bid when I’m pretty sure I can take the hand and I don’t like to leave a lot of things to chance.

But sometimes I must start the bid so I play it safe with a low bid of 100 because surely someone else will bid higher.  But others all pass and I’m stuck holding the bid.

“Come on!!!”  I blurt out, “I’ve got nothing.”

But I’m forced to play with what’s in my hand.

When I play Rook with Dave’s family, I’m playing with experts who have years of experience on me and there are times I still feel like a beginner … even after 21 years. And that little whisper creeps in.

  • You don’t know how to play this game. 
  • You’re going to lose.
  • You’re going to bring your partner down.

Wait a minute… I’ve got a partner!  That’s right… I don’t play alone.

In Rook, you’ve always got a partner playing with and not against you.



In this game of life, we are sometimes dealt a hand we would rather “pass” on.  We’d rather fold and begin again but life pushes us on through and we must play out the circumstances that have been handed to us.

Have you ever been there?  Holding a hand you’d rather lay down… pass on to another player… or better yet walk away and choose a different game.

Yet life doesn’t work that way and sometimes we must remain and play through the difficult hand.

It takes courage to face the hand we’ve been dealt.  We can shuffle the cards around, rework their order and hope something comes from nothing. But sometimes it’s just in the playing out of the hand that we find we can do more than we thought when we take that chance and begin.

And just like in Rook where we don’t play alone, in life, we’re not playing alone.

We have an expert partner in Christ who has a distinct advantage to all other players.  He knows what’s in our hand and how it’s going to play out.

When fear would hold you back and you’d rather pass… be bold, take a risk and lay that first card.  You may find you’ve got more potential in your hand than you imagined.

And that Partner of yours… He has a hand to play with yours that can take you over the top for the win.



Happy Friday friends. Have a great weekend!

16 thoughts on “When we’d rather ‘pass’ in this game of life

  1. Love this Rachel! “And that Partner of yours… He has a hand to play with yours that can take you over the top for the win.” Anita, at Blessed but Stressed wrote about Rook too…I may really need to pull out my deck and make some people in my house play with me. 🙂


    • Yes, I saw Anita’s post and thought that was funny as well! 🙂 It’s a great game to play. We stay up some nights way too late but it’s all good and the kids love it! Have a happy Friday! Thanks for stopping by and jumping in!


  2. Rachel I loved this. You sound like me when I play with the family. I have been playing longer than you. I enjoy your writing a d it is always what I need to hear. Thank you

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  3. Rook is the Ulrich family game of choice too. Our games can get quite competitive. Oh and I so feel you….my sis and I have played for years but I still often don’t feel like an expert. You and Anita over at Blessed but Stressed both wrote about playing Rook. I’m in the #5 spot this week.

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  4. My husband’s family introduced me to Rook years ago, and it’s still one of our favorites. I’ve learned to take more risks, but I still do my share of passing! 🙂 Oh, and we lost our worn Rook cards somewhere so I bought my husband new ones for his birthday last week. Happy Friday, Rachel!

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    • That’s so great! We were at a huge book sale last fall and found a Rook card set from the 1950’s. We love playing with them and we hold them somewhat sacred! 🙂 It’s a great game! Thanks for jumping in and sharing!


  5. I love that you and Anita both wrote about Rook this week. Great minds. 🙂

    We all get one life, and we don’t often get to choose much in it. So much of our days come down to how we react to what happens. Thank you for reminding us that we can be confident in our Partner. We can seek out His perspective and ask Him to give us the attitude that will enable us to play the game with peace and grace.

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    • Yes He is the ultimate one to have with us through this life. And yes, our choices make up our destiny. I remind myself of that often. Thanks for jumping in and sharing! Have a great weekend!


  6. Second FMF post I’ve read that has been prompted by the game ROOK! I’ve never played, so… I’m just glad that Jesus Christ offers grace when we (possibly) pass on something He intended for us.

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