An April Wrap-up with Some Big News

We have come to the end of another month.  We’ve officially lived 1/3 of 2016.  I love writing a wrap-up post and taking a moment to look back at where the time went.

This April was filled with a lot of craziness and it all began with the first day.

My family loves April Fool’s Day…. everyone except me.  It’s not my favorite day but it’s one of those days my hubby and kids love so I endure the 24 hours and am so thankful when it’s over for another 365 days. (Salt in my coffee and water repeatedly spraying at me from my kitchen sink is not the ideal way to start my day…. I’m just saying!) 

Another big event this month was this guy turning the big 18.

I know it’s hard to believe that this young mama could have 2 adult children but it happens and wow…so fast!

I am proud of this boy and all that he is becoming.  As parents, we receive an amazing gift from the Father as we invest in the lives of our children.  We see how He works, builds, creates and molds these little lives that become these amazing people that we love having around.  We love you, Jon. You are an amazing young man and we are so proud of you!

Before the big reveal, I want to highlight again our baptism service.  What a beautiful part of ministry and life.  It’s one of the big bonuses of journeying with people and we love what we do!  Here’s a highlight video from last Sunday.

And now for the big news.

As some of you may know, the word God has been working with me this year is ADVENTURE and it’s already been quite the ride.

We’ve brought on new staff and that’s amazing.  There’s been a lot of transition and it’s all been good.

And one of the big transition pieces is coming up in a few weeks:  THE QUIGLEYS ARE MOVING!

And no… don’t get all crazy like we are leaving Asbury because we’re not.  Instead we are buying our first home and we’re excited.

For all of our ministry years, we have either rented or lived in a parsonage owned by the church.  We have always wanted our own home but circumstances and situations didn’t make that possible but now with new staff coming on board it was the perfect solution to housing the new staff.  We, the Quigley’s, are buying our own home and the new pastor’s on staff will live in the parsonage.  It’s a beautiful thing!

And for those who have been with us through the years, you understand what a huge, exciting adventure we are in.  It really is our dream place with 11 1/2 acres of land and a 1/4 of a mile driveway.


We can’t hear the road, see the road, or see any neighbors.  It’s quiet, peaceful and it’s a whole lot of happiness!

We’ve still got a lot of packing left to do.  Our walls are pretty empty and corners are piled with boxes cause I’m telling you it’s quite the job to pack up a house we’ve lived in for 13 years.

This adventure has kept us busy with details, transitions and all that goes with it.  We are excited and happy to be sharing the news with all of you.

The month of May will be filled with speaking engagements, Sam returning from college, pastor’s conference and moving into our new home.  We are looking forward to it… craziness and all!

So what about you?  What did April hold for you?


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18 thoughts on “An April Wrap-up with Some Big News

  1. Really pleased for you and your family Rachel. My parents did not own a home until they retired from church ministry, during which they lived in a variety of Manses. Now in their mid-eighties (and with Dad still preaching at least once a month) they have been blessed by a good number of years living down on the coast in the village where my grandparents lived when I was a child. Five minutes down Smugglers Lane and they are on the beach!

    For us April held the blessing of being with some of our family at Spring Harvest, with the approach of Marilyn’s 60th birthday in May and plans to celebrate that milestone with family, who are now scattered around the UK. Also in April God’s presence during moments of difficulty and challenge.

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    • God is amazing like that how He provides for those who give a lifetime of service to Him. That’s a great story about your grandparents. Thanks for sharing with us. May looks like a busy month for you as well. And I am thankful for God’s presence during the difficulty and challenging. Glad you felt His presence near. Praying for you, my friend! Thanks for jumping in and sharing!

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  2. Parsonages seem to be becoming less and less the norm. There is just something about having your own quiet space etc. My colleague and her family, in December, moved out of the parsonage into a house of their own. Still trying to figure out what to do with the parsonage because we don’t just want to let it sit empty.

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    • This is true, Tara! It’s a great asset for churches to have but not always the best for pastors. Without a home they are not able to build equity and they have no real asset to call their own. We are very much looking forward to this next adventure and so thankful how God is working it all out! Thanks for jumping in and sharing! Always great to have you stop in!


  3. Woot! Woot! I’m so excited for you! Your new place (hello, 11 1/2 acres and a long driveway!) sounds sublime :). In April I learned that I have a whiney problem :/.


    • Aaahhh… Anita, you always crack me up! 🙂 I love your honesty! Yes, we are getting itchy and excited to just get in the house and get settled instead of looking at the pile of boxes building up here in our present house. But it’s all good and all a part of the journey! Thanks for stopping over! 🙂


    • Thank you, Crystal! Yes, we are very excited and busy with all kinds of packing, sorting, picking paint colors and a whole lot of fun! … hence the “not writing consistently” life! 🙂 Thanks for jumping in! I appreciate you!

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