Growing in our Knowledge and Faith

IFive-Minute-Friday-4t’s Five Minute Friday time and we are linking up with Kate and the gang.  If you’d like to join us, click here.  Our word prompt today is:  GROW



I’ve been away this week at a conference and just returned last night.

These times of concentrated emphasis on an area have a way of spurring on growth in our lives.  Ideas, thought processes and previous ways of thinking are challenged and I find myself evaluating my own life and how I spend my time.

One of the key principles from this week was:  “We only think to the level of what we’re exposed to.” ~ Dr. A.R. Bernard

When we’re exposed to deeper thinking, new ideas and concepts we haven’t experienced before we think in new ways.

When we only have the knowledge of our own stories and experiences, our scope is pretty small.  But when we take in the stories of others, share in their journey and expose ourselves to something beyond what we know growth happens.

In my own life, I was raised in a small farming community where everyone knew everyone else and the kids in my kindergarten class are the same ones I graduated alongside 12 years later.  There was limited exposure to other cultures, people and ways of thinking.  I’m not complaining, just explaining.  It’s all part of my story and this formed me in my early years.  Those years planted some good things in me like the concepts of seed, germination and patience in growth processes; the principle of working hard, sticking through to the end with commitments and loving your neighbor.

In the same way, my exposure to fresh seafood, the ocean and hockey were limited in my early years.  Hockey came into my world while dating my soon-to-be Canadian hubby. Seafood followed soon after and I swallowed my first handful of saltwater after we were married.

We only think to the level of what we’re exposed to –  Dr. A.R. Bernard

Exposing ourselves to knowledge, deeper thinking and experiences outside of what we already knows brings growth.


Growth removes limitations and increases our capacity.

It’s about giving time to learning new things and being in a state of searching for knowledge and expanding what we know and understand.

I was challenged this week in my thinking. How am I spending my time and what I’m doing to move towards my goals in life and what I feel called to accomplish?

Growth just doesn’t happen.  It takes effort, discipline and concentrated, focused time to achieve what we want in our lives.

I’m walking away from this week with a renewed focus on life and learning.  I’m in that stage of wanting to grab all the good books I’ve been putting off and work on keeping my focus on where I want to go.  It’s good and growth is good.

Jump into the conversation:

  • What are you learning that is new?
  • What books have you read lately that have grown your thinking?
  • How are you growing through your experiences?

Happy Friday, friends!

14 thoughts on “Growing in our Knowledge and Faith

  1. Growth, learning, stretching…. Such necessities to cultivating empathy and giving new lenses. I know that, especially after becoming a mom, I had to seek out new perspectives via blogs, books, and even the occasional conference to keep that perspective beyond these early years. Thanks for this encouragement! (Visiting from FMF)

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  2. THIS: “But when we take in the stories of others, share in their journey and expose ourselves to something beyond what we know growth happens.” Yes! New perspectives are important. I want to continue to learn and grow too!

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  3. I’ve always said, the best way to grow and stretch yourself is to step outside of your own bubble. Thanks for sharing this – great reminder to continue to seek different perspectives and experiences. Visiting from FMF 🙂

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  4. This is kinda random but I guess you got me thinking. My husband and I have a double side house where we live on one side and the other is one we have been working on for awhile and just put it in the newspaper to get a renter. My husband is gone a lot working and stuff and so I have to deal with tours and questions. But this got me thinking. How can I use this experience to help me to grow? I am afraid that I will mess up in some sort of way, not answer their questions right or look like an inexperience person that I am. But I could look at it a different way. How can I bless them and not be fearful? Just thoughts. visiting from #27


  5. So very true. It does take intentional discipline and exposing ourselves to new and challenging experiences. This is why I’ve decided to leave Facebook and Twitter for a short break of ten days. I’ve just released my first book and I’ve decided I need to let it go and trust God to get it into the right hands…He doesn’t need me to “sell” it and definitely not to the detriment of time with my family.

    Sounds like I have had the opposite experience growing up! I spent six years in Germany with missionary parents and we moved houses more times than I can count! Interesting to hear your thoughts on the challenges and blessings it has brought you.

    Blessed to be visiting via Five Minute Friday.

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    • What a great story of yours growing up in a different culture and moving frequently. My husband was similar in that by college he had lived in 12 different places. That environment placed in Him an ability to adapt quickly to new things and hold things loosely. It’s interesting to see how God uses everything and wastes nothing. Congratulations on your book. And thanks for stopping over and jumping in.


      • Sounds very similar. I lived in 12 houses before I turned 18 as well: that’s including the campervan we lived in as a family of six for the first half year, when we first arrived in Germany. Believe it or not Mum even hosted a family of four for dinner from our campervan…When they took up her offer they didn’t realize she’d be cooking from a campervan stove for 10 people!

        I now long for stability. I’m perhaps more adaptable than others to change, but I want my girls to have what I missed out on. I never felt completely at home…always the outsider…but God is using that too even now to open my eyes to those facing even harder struggles to adapt around me, especially refugees. I have a special empathy for them.

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