Farewell Summer, Hello Autumn

We said our farewell to summer last night with friends and fireworks.  Now this morning, we settle into all things autumn… my favorite season. I’m on the hunt for autumn mums and pumpkins for the porch.   It’s time for unpacking fun boots and cozy sweaters.

A few leaves scatter the yard and there’s a cool chill in the air.  Della is enjoying the fallen apples in the yard and each morning we see more evidence of the deer snacking as well.


Final preparations are happening for the upcoming school year so it’s time for settling in and it feels good.

Summer seems like a blur with moving, unpacking and vacating from scheduled days.  So for a girl who loves a schedule and a to-do list marked off, I’m loving that fall is here.

A few weeks ago a new addition joined the Quigley clan… Professor McGonagall, the cat… Mags, for short.


Dave suggested a barn cat once he discovered mice building a nest in his mower engine.  Emily and I jumped at the idea of having a furry, lovable kitty to cuddle and immediately contacted friends for an addition to our brood.  This is a first edition cat for the Quigley’s since Dave and Jon are allergic and breathing ranks a bit higher on the scale than furry creatures in the house.  Plus that whole clean-up litter smell in the house is never going to happen in this abode!

We love her and she’s just a hoot to watch.  We haven’t found evidence of her mouse catching skills but she’s really good at pouncing butterflies, catching grasshoppers and napping the afternoons away on the porch swing.

Dave loves when he comes home from work to see his barn cat spending another lazy day of summer in the sun!

I keep reassuring him that she will earn her keep.  And he reminds me that she’ll spend more time in the barn if I would actually put her food and towel lined cat carrier in the barn instead of the front porch.  Details, details, details!!!!

I admit she’s got a pretty cushy life here but she’s so darn cute!  How can you turn away that face?

mags 2a

As our summers are winding down and all things school, schedules and cuddling inside are happening, I wish you all the best in this new season.

May we find our days filled with moments of learning new things, discovering truths of grace and enjoying time with those we love.

Farewell summer, welcome autumn days!


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2 thoughts on “Farewell Summer, Hello Autumn

  1. Aww! I miss ‘real’ autumn! Ok, we do get a few yellow leaves that fall to the ground, and the grass kind of dies out, but it takes the cold of January and February to need boots and sweaters! Pedro and I always joke about each new season being our ‘favorite’ one ;). So for now, Autumn is my favorite season, too!

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