Lessons from a Groundhog Day Do-Over

Well it’s the day after Groundhog and it’s a whole new day.

I didn’t hear any:

“Okay, campers, rise and shine, and don’t forget your booties ’cause it’s cooooold out there today.” —Groundhog Day (1993)

But I did wake up to the same room, same people and same dog whining to go out.

I can relate to Phil (Bill Murray) in Groundhog Day.  He’s ready to move on, get on with his life but a barrier keeps him reliving the same scene over and over again.  He can’t get past it and he wakes to the same radio announcement day after day.

Nothing changes so he gives up, stuffs his face and watches Jeopardy until the answers are imbedded in his head.

But one morning he wakes to the same yet determines to live different.  Even if everything else stays the same, he chooses to be different and make the day that he lives a better day.

He takes on a new hobby, learns something new and instead of dreading his same day routine he chooses to do something different.

So even though we may wake to the same routine, same job and same life.

We can live different.  We can choose to do something different in our lives.

It can be as simple as…

  • Driving a different way home and discovering a new scene.
  • Ordering something different from our regular menu
  • Grabbing a book and learning something new
  • Waking 20 minutes earlier and beginning without hustle.
  • Scheduling in time for whatever that “something” is that you want different in your life

The same old mundane routine will always be there for us.  If we want something different we must make the change.


We were made for more than the mundane.

Phil, in Groundhog Day, takes the days he’s given and lives something different.

We can do the same.

So begin today…. breathe in the day and try something new.


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10 thoughts on “Lessons from a Groundhog Day Do-Over

  1. Rachel, I was so excited to see you linking up for FMF! I’ve missed you. This post is such an important reminder. We can change it up. I’m in the 6 spot this week.

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  2. I love the title and premise of this post, yes every weekday often feels like a do over of the previous day here. Five Monday’s. Oy. But your words are so right, we have so many opportunities on each day to make it beautiful because it’s His day and He will take our hearts and mold them anew.

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  3. A big Amen to all you said. Such good thoughts to keep in mind, especially after a Groundhog Day when Phil (the rodent) saw his shadow and thereby told us, another six weeks of same old same old cold and mostly gray skies. Now, let’s see: what can I do different tomorrow? 🙂


    • Thanks for stopping by, Sylvia. And yes, what a great thought… six more weeks of same old… and what are we going to do with it? That’s a good thing to consider and thank about.
      Have a great weekend! Thanks for stopping by!


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