Cleaning Up the Mess that Is Me

I wiped down the counter, stove and sink.  I put the dishes away and prepared coffee for the morning.  With a flip of the switch I turned off the lights and looked back on my kitchen… clean and ready for the morning.

If only I could clean up life’s messes as easily as my kitchen counters.


I’m a fixer by nature.

If there’s a problem, I’m all about managing the details and solving the issues so it’s no longer a problem.

But sometimes the mess is not mine to fix.

God sometimes whispers… “You can’t clean up this mess.  It’s not yours to solve or make right. Instead come close to me, lay it down, and I will carry it for you.  I’ll bear the weight.  I’ll clean up the mess.”

This last weekend we had our big Super Bowl party.

On Monday the clean-up of the mess began.  Dave wasn’t feeling well and others were cleaning up their areas.  I decided to help out by moving a heavy table.

I know you’re all saying, “You can’t do that…. What are you thinking?”  and that’s exactly what Dave would say to me… if he knew I was moving it myself.  But he was tucked away in his office and I was helping clean the mess.

I knew I shouldn’t lift the table but I was sure if I collapsed the table, I could slide it along the floor to where it needed to be.  In theory, this all sounded very good. Yet theory and reality are sometimes completely different things.

So I took it on myself to clean up the mess and move the table.

Everything would have been fine if the floor was level. But again… reality is sometimes real and that floor is heaved and cracked.  So sliding doesn’t come easy when the long table is stuck between crevices and mounds.  Pulling and pushing is strenuous on the lower back muscles. So I could continue to do that —OR— I could lift the table and mess up my sciatic nerve.

I decided to do both… and today… I’m still messed up.

That is what we sometimes do in life.  We think, “I’ve got this!  I can clean this mess up.  I can handle it.”

  • We strain and pull, pushing things this way and that.
  • We involve ourselves in the situation and try to solve the issue.
  • We shove a long table across a heaving floor and in the end hurt our back and wear ourselves out.

Jesus says

Rest in the Truth that I hold all things. I’m able to hold it all and even bring this mess around for your good.  It’s not for you to solve, fix or make right instead trust me with the mess.  I can clean it up. I can fix this mess.

We can find peace as we trust in the truth that He is stronger, bigger and smarter.

In cleaning up the mess, God will most likely have a different method, timetable and solution than us. Yet we can trust that His way is good and He can handle it.

So today, let me encourage you.

  • Give Him the stress of your day – Talk it out with God and let Him take it from here. (Matthew 11:28-30)
  • Ask Him for wisdom, then do what He says — Not more, not less… but follow the instructions given (James 1:5)
  • Rest in knowing He’s got you and He knows what is best. (Romans 8:28)

And when the day is done, we can look back and see we’ve made it through. We’ve wiped down the counters, put away the dishes and prepared coffee for the morning.  And with a flip of the switch we shut off the light, lay our heads on the pillow and rest knowing He can handle the mess of tomorrow and work it all for our good.


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15 thoughts on “Cleaning Up the Mess that Is Me

  1. Thank you.
    I can’t fix the mess.
    Ít just to much Lord i surrender all to you because every time I tried i made the mess worse so Lord I trust you to strengthen us and help me to rest and believe you have got this and may your will be done..


  2. Oh, friend. We share that “I’ve got this under control” streak. I’ve found myself in your predicament too many times. Love your encouragement to roll that on to Jesus. To engage trust and believe that He is BIG enough to clean up every single mess. Good word. Hope you’re feeling better!


    • I am feeling much better, Tiffany, thank you! Yes, I am thankful for His patience with us time and again when we try and fix it ourselves.
      Thanks for stopping over and jumping in! Have a great weekend!


    • Thank you David. Yes, I am doing well. I had a back injury years ago and some things like moving a table will irritate it and that’s exactly what I did. That’s why my Dave would be saying… “What are you thinking?” He knows how I am… 😉 Thank you for jumping in! Have a great weekend!

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  3. My inspirational reading/podcasts have centered on allowing things to happen rather than making them happen. We’re brought up to be active, active, active–and sometimes, I think we get in God’s way:).


    • I agree with you! I am learning to sit and listen more than push ahead. I’m really good at “fixing” and getting it messed up. 🙂 I’m learning to sit back and let others do and grow without me jumping in and taking over.(I think teaching 3 teenagers to drive along with them just becoming themselves as helped me in this process… LOL) I’m learning slowly… but still learning 😉 Thanks for sharing! Have a great weekend!

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