Enjoying this February Heat Wave

I am loving this weather and all that comes with it…even the mud!

Yesterday the high was sitting at 66 degrees and today it hit 69. It doesn’t get that warm this time of year in my part of the world.

Matt just came in and asked if he could fill up his snow sled with water and take a swim.  I said ‘no’ but that didn’t stop this little guy from pulling out the swim trunks and wearing his superhero utility belt.

Now that’s a true Canadian/American…. pasty white skin and all!

This warm weather is a reprieve from all things cold and frosty.  Last week at this time we were shoveling out 6 inches of snow and now today Matt is running barefoot and creating mud pies.

And for as muddy as he’s getting it’s an easy clean up.  It’s nothing a quick load of laundry and hot shower won’t fix.

You can tell he’s child #4.

After this blog post goes live I’m sure I’ll hear from our oldest saying, “What???? You let him run around the yard in his swim trunks… BAREFOOT… in FEBRUARY!!!  When I was a kid it was a firm held rule:  NO GOING BAREFOOT UNTIL MAY 1ST.  (Don’t even ask me why because I have no reason except that was the rule was I was a kid and probably a rule my own mother had when she was a kid.)

So yes, this is child #4 and he’s running in the muddy yard with nothing but swim trunks and a superhero utility belt and now that I see him round the house again he’s added a red superhero cape.

This little vacation from winter reminds me that seasons change quickly. What we deal with one day passes quickly and we soon face a different day with different opportunities and challenges.

It was just a few weeks ago I was moaning and complaining about putting on layers and snow boots again.  I was longing for days of flip-flops and short sleeves, warm breezes and reading on the deck.

It reminds me of a great poem my mother had hanging in my childhood home.

As a rule, a man’s a fool.

When it’s hot, he wants it cool.

When it’s cool, he wants it hot.

What it is he wants it not.

And I’m getting today what normally is not. And I’m enjoying it to the hilt.

Next week we’ll most likely be back to snow boots and layers upon layers… but for today I’m enjoying the breeze and the sunshine of the day.

What about you… What are doing with this midwinter heat wave?


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2 thoughts on “Enjoying this February Heat Wave

  1. Ahhh, yes, seasons change. This is what I’m holding onto now. I’m in a season and I won’t let my heart loose hope and go dark. God is good and He has reason and purpose. I will choose to trust Him in this season – even when I don’t understand it. It’s a daily choice. Thank you for another reminder.

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    • for some reason I am just seeing this comment now. sorry for missing it earlier! I am praying for you, friend, and believing with you that God is bringing you through this season and will enrich your life through the trials of today. You are stronger than you know and God is faithful and true through it all. Love and hugs to you sweet friend and praying for you!


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