When You Are Tired and In Need of Rest

After a long, exhausting day, I lit a candle and settled into the quiet of the evening.

Sleep was far from my eyes and the weariness of the day weighed heavy on my mind.

There were too many things pulling for attention… too many needs for one soul to meet or carry alone… too much in a day to get done in one day.

I wasn’t trying to be the savior of the world just a salve for weary souls. And now at the end of the day, my soul needed salve…. a respite from the burdens of the day.

So with the Word, journal and pen in hand, I settled in and read words I’ve read before. Yet this time a fresh sense of His nearness was felt.

“Come, let us bow down in worship. Let us kneel before the Lord our Maker; for He is our God… and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care.” (Psalm 95:6-7 NIV)

We are HIS people… we are under His care.

Just as we pour ourselves out through the day, we become tired and soul-weary.  And in the midst of that weariness He meets us and calls us away to a place of rest… a place where our soul can breathe.

We are called to care for others. We listen to those in need, pray, encourage and walk beside.  We don’t begrudge the work. We are honored and humbled to serve. Yet we are human and the weight of the day and the cares of those we serve can weary the soul.

In the weariness and heavy-burdens of the day, we need to remember that we also are under HIS care.

He calls us away to a place of respite… a place of sweet relief and refreshing for the soul. We belong to Him and He cares for us.

The weight of this world and the cares of this life are not for us to carry alone.

So today if you find yourself weary from concerns and problems too large for you to carry… come away to a place of rest.

  • Find a quiet place – Away from the noise of the day, notifications and distractions
  • Focus in on the truth God is speaking to you.
  • Hand over concerns and cares to Him because He does care for you.
  • Allow His peace to calm your mind and bring rest to your soul.
  • Then… walk into your day with new strength and face what will be your today.

Even as I write this and you read it now know I am praying for you. Praying God will grant you peace in your chaos and strength for your day. He will keep you in perfect peace as you trust in Him.

You are His and you are under His care.

Today… and every day you are loved.


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16 thoughts on “When You Are Tired and In Need of Rest

  1. Rachel, I am so grateful that I chose to visit here today. I am so grateful that God does not expect any of us to carry the cares of our loved ones on our own. It is to Him I can go and give the weight of it all and know that He knows and does what is best. Always. Blessings to you today!


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