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What About The Monsters Under My Bed?

What About The Monsters Under My Bed?

From somewhere in the dark I hear, “Mom?” It usually only takes a whisper and I’m awake. My kids call it “mother ears” because at the faintest sound I’m awake. I used to be a sound sleeper.  Snoozing right through alarms, roommates shaking me awake for 7 AM class and my own mother coaxing me … Continue reading

Cleaning Up the Mess that Is Me

I wiped down the counter, stove and sink.  I put the dishes away and prepared coffee for the morning.  With a flip of the switch I turned off the lights and looked back on my kitchen… clean and ready for the morning. If only I could clean up life’s messes as easily as my kitchen … Continue reading

What can we do when we don’t get our way?

As Matthew sat and ate his lunch, his ham and cheese sandwich was looking less and less appealing as the thought of an ice cream cone kept creeping into his mind. “I don’t want this sandwich, Mom!” “I didn’t even want this kind in the first place.” “I’m not hungry for this sandwich.” “ “It’s … Continue reading

Follow the Pattern (Five Minute Friday)

Happy Friday everyone! We are linking up with Kate Motaung and the Five Minute Friday gang. We link up here and share together on our writing prompt for the week. This week’s prompt is: FOLLOW GO Frustration was mounting and it just wasn’t making any sense. “I don’t even understand how to do this!” I … Continue reading