What About The Monsters Under My Bed?

From somewhere in the dark I hear, “Mom?”

It usually only takes a whisper and I’m awake.

My kids call it “mother ears” because at the faintest sound I’m awake.

I used to be a sound sleeper.  Snoozing right through alarms, roommates shaking me awake for 7 AM class and my own mother coaxing me to get up — I would sleep on.

Something changed when I had kids.

I hear everything. I hear doors opening and closing again. I hear footsteps in the hall, the creak of our door and whispers of “Mom” coming in the night.

I don’t think it will always be this way. I’m thinking, one day, when I no longer have kids in my house I will sleep soundly once again.

It reminds me when we went on vacation with friends just a few years ago.

Their kids were younger and one night my friends were up all night with their kids who were crying.

In the morning my friends looked haggard while I came down refreshed, renewed and ready for a new day.

They apologized for their kids crying and fussing through the night.

Surprisingly I answered, “I didn’t hear a thing!”

I surprised even myself with that statement knowing what a light sleeper I am. But then I thought about it… “I guess I slept right through it. I must have mentally checked out knowing the crying wasn’t from my kids.”

All of our kids, when they were small, had their turn of coming in and needing reassurance in the night.

I’d follow them back to their room, tuck them in and reassure them of the truth they knew in the daylight.

You are safe.”

There are no robbers that can get in here and no monsters under your bed.”

They’d point to the corner or something on the floor and ask, “What’s that?”

And with a soothing voice I’d remind them what was true. “That’s only your sweater draped over your chair…. Those are your blocks you left on the floor… Those are just clothes hanging in your closet. No monsters and no robbers!”

I would remind them, “Mom and Dad are here. And most of all, God is here. His angels are surrounding and protecting our home. He watches over you while you sleep. There is no reason to worry. Now go to sleep.”

We’d end with a prayer, hug, kiss and a few extra tuck-ins just for good measure.

Wouldn’t it be nice if our “grown-up monster worries” went away just as easily? It’s those things that keep us up at night and taunt us from our beds.

We have times when our worries get the best of us. We need reassurance that those monsters under the bed aren’t going to get us.

It’s in these times we can whisper, “God?” and He hears us — the smallest whisper and the faintest sound.

He’s right there, awake, alert and aware of our situation. He is not one to sleep through our crisis. Instead He comes near and reassures us with His Presence. He speaks Truth to our hearts and peace to our minds.

Even in my grown up days, situations in this life bring worry and concern to my heart.

  • Situations out of my control.
  • Details unknown and feeling like I’m staring into a circumstance that is unclear.

In these times His Truth dispels our worries.

“So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” ~ Isaiah 41:10 (NIV)

Call out to Him in the dark of night or light of day, any time — He’s always there.  He is listening and He is near.

His reassurance and words of Truth are what we need to get us through those time of uncertainty and worry.

Those monsters under our bed — those worries and concerns — are not too much for God to carry and take care of.  Trusting Him and handing them over to Him is a good start to a calm heart and a good night’s sleep.

Happy Wednesday friends,


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