What I Would Do If I Had More

We are linking up with Kate and the gang over at Five Minute Friday.  Kate provides the word prompt, we write for five minutes and link up together.  If you would like to link up your own words, join us here! Our word prompt today is: MORE


What would I do if I had more… more money, more time, more influence, more…. anything?

If I had more time, just think of the things I could accomplish… I would have more time for reading those books I buy with the best intentions of reading but now sit on my bookshelf… I could finish knitting the sweater that is half done and will most likely be out of style on the time schedule I’m knitting now… I would do all those things I would like to do but don’t take the time for now.

The hard truth I came to realize is this… If I don’t manage well the time I have now, if given more I would fill it up in the same unmanaged way.

We’re not going to get more time.  We’re limited. Limited by 24 hours in a day…no more, no less.  And because we have no magic wand to stop, speed up or give more time we must manage well what we have now.

In busier days, I would melt down and stress out about too much to do in too little time. Dave would reassure me, “Don’t worry… it’s going to slow down.” 

It did slow down. BUT NOT ON ITS OWN.  We didn’t get to a certain place where everything was done and we had extra time to sit around. It slowed because we put in stop barriers, delegated things off the schedule and managed time better.

Life in our culture doesn’t slow down. We don’t take things from our schedules but instead just add to them.  It’s a perpetual add-on. Unless we are intentional about slowing down and scheduling in ‘rest‘ from the hamster wheel of life, we won’t rest.

It’s like kids who fight against rest time.  They wallow and whine, “I’m not tired…” but you know if they would just rest things would be better on the other side.

So as adults let’s give ourselves more rest time.  Let’s give our minds and souls a place to rest.


  • Five minutes are up on this post but if you are looking for resources to help you with this whole “more rest, more time” idea, these are great resources that helped me in this area of my life.

Happy Friday, friends.  Have a great weekend!

11 thoughts on “What I Would Do If I Had More

  1. I really appreciate this. It is so true that we tend to just fill our schedules with more and more things and that if we don’t manage the time we have been given, adding more time will simply mean adding more things. Our minds and souls truly need a rest from the frenzied activity we engage in. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. Another good book on rest is “Just Too Busy” by Joanne Craft. It’s an easy read but makes you think about what is really important.


  3. Rachel, you’re so right! If we don’t make changes in how we spend our time, we are going to fritter away the time we do have.

    I’m learning that I need to prioritize how I spend my time each day. When I have a focus from God it makes it easier to do what is the most important.

    Such a great post!


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