{Why} Motherhood Matters ( Plus a GIVEAWAY)

As I pulled the book from its padded envelope, I read the top lines across the back,

Mama, Your Work Has Deep Worth— Do you ever wonder if your efforts as a mom make any difference? Take heart —- Whether you’re struggling through sleepless nights with your toddler or endless battles with your teen, September McCarthy’s story offers practical insights and powerful inspiration to encourage you on your own mothering journey.

And that’s exactly what I found inside the pages of this book – {Why}Motherhood Matters

I’ve had those days when my head hits the pillow and I think, “Did I accomplish anything worthwhile today?”

As mothers, we love our children. But mothering day in and out, wiping noses, tears and rear-ends can be exhausting.

We know in our heart of hearts that what we do matters somewhere and in some time but we don’t always feel it or see it in the everyday.

Motherhood matters because you matter. Your struggles matter, your questions matter, and your dreams matter. Embracing motherhood doesn’t require you to give up the passions God has given to you. Motherhood does not destine us for drudgery and loneliness. ~ September McCarthy

September McCarthy has written a wonderful book about why and how our motherhood matters. She gives us encouragement for the everyday and for the long haul. She walks us through those beginning days of just learning life is growing within us to the days of letting them go as they grow, mature and become who God is leading them to be.


She walks us through practical steps of how to do this thing called motherhood well. Some of my favorite chapters are:

  • {Why} Raising Responsible Children Requires Work
  • {Why} The Yelling Mom Can Find Hope and Help
  • {Why} You Don’t Need to Count To Three
  • {Why} You Need to Throw Mom Guilt Out the Window
  • {Why} A Tired Mom Can Be the Most Influential Mom

This book is full of practical helps, ideas and encouragement for mamas in the trenches of laundry, dishes and crazy-life days.
I have read September’s blog, One September Day, for years. I was a part of her launch team for this book and have interacted with her on Facebook and Instagram for a while now. And even though we live a meager 45 minutes from each other, I hadn’t met her personally until this last week.

And I want to let you know, friends, she is just the sweetest mama. Her book launch party was last week and she invited the team, along with family and friends to celebrate with her. I was honored to be there.

{Why} Motherhood Matters is a great encouragement for all mamas. And to be an encouragement to you, and for some fun, I am giving away a signed copy of this book to one of you.

Leave a comment below, telling us why motherhood matters to you and on September 13th, one commenter will be randomly chosen to receive this book. (Gain another entry by sharing this post and in your comment below, tell us where you shared! – Thanks!)

{Why} Motherhood Matters — September McCarthy believes every woman needs someone to speak into her life with understanding and truth. She encourages women in each season of motherhood through her blog, One September Day, and her ministry Raising Generations Today. As a speaker and writer, her vision and mission is for the generations. September lives in rural Upstate New York with her husband and their large family.

You can also purchase this book for yourself or as a gift for any of the mamas in your life. It is available online at Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, Christian Book and other local bookstores and online sites.

Don’t forget, leave a comment below and enter to win

Congratulations to Rachel Moore who won the random drawing!  Thank you to all who commented and shared!  You all are amazing!


*I received an advanced readers copy of this book for an honest review of this book.

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16 thoughts on “{Why} Motherhood Matters ( Plus a GIVEAWAY)

  1. Motherhood is one of the hardest jobs ever but also one of the most rewarding. It is so important these days in a society where the traditional family is not valued and core Christian values are compromised every day. This sounds like a great encouraging book for moms in all stages of life.

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    • It is! That’s one of the things I loved about this book. It doesn’t matter what stage of motherhood you are in there is encouragement and something to learn from it! Thanks for jumping in and sharing!


  2. Motherhood is the best & sometimes it’s the worst. Days when you absolutely love being home with your kiddos all day, days when you are envious of another mom all dressed up able to leave home to go to work with other grown-ups all day. Days when you are all dancing around the kitchen making cookies, days when you are cleaning up throw up & worriedly taking temperatures. Days when you are wondering if they will ever grow up, days when you are crying your eyes out because they’ve left for school & the time has gone way too fast. Nothing matters more than motherhood.

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  3. Motherhood matters to me because I do my best to practice savoring precious moments of growth and periods of sweet calm and exciting transitions of my children’s lives. Motherhood also matters because I have been humbled while enduring the storms of my children’s lives and blessed to be the recipient of Gods grace that encourages me to be the best mother to the lives he has entrusted to me.

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  4. It matters for many reasons but one that comes to mind right now is because we are the first woman our sons interact with (I have two boys). It is a big responsibility! Not only the woman part and their futures with wives but as an example of Christ to them as well. Sharing on Facebook! Thanks for the chance!

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  5. Motherhood matters to me because I would be loat without a noisy house. The chaos of it all is worth every minute. I get to mold and help these kids grow. Then I get to see what amazing adults they will become. I love being a mom.

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    • This is great! I laughed to myself when I just saw your line, “I would be lost without a noisy house.” I am facing that today. Everyone is going out of the house… even Matthew and it’s just Della and I. I don’t even quite know what to do with myself! 🙂

      Thanks for jumping in and sharing! These are great reasons why motherhood matters!


  6. Motherhood matters to me because I want to try to teach my girls to be supportive to everyone in a society that does not always treat people that way. Through example and hopefully the guidance of other wonderful mothers, I hope they will find the good in people and become givers and followers of Christ.

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