What I did 25 years ago today!

Today is the day!

It feels like we have been celebrating all summer long and now this day is finally here!

Twenty-five years ago today, I said, I will.

  • I will love you for better and for worse
  • I will care for you in sickness and in health
  • I will stay with you when we are rich and when we are poor.
  • I will choose you every day again and again … as long as we both shall live.

At times, twenty-five years seems like another lifetime ago but in other ways it was just yesterday.

Except that it couldn’t be yesterday.

We’ve lived too many moments, cried happy and grief-filled tears, and traversed through life and ministry hardships.

We’ve held hands and plodded on—feeling at times like our only life line was God and each other. (PLOD— put your head down and keep moving forward one foot in front of the other.)

In those twenty-five years we’ve called six addresses home — each one holding memories and moments.

We’ve owned seven vehicles carrying us thousands of miles and we’ve cared for 4 dogs, 1 cat, 7 goldfish, and 9 hermit crabs.

Our greatest joys are our children. They are their own individuals, yet reflect parts of Dave and I in quirky and beautiful ways.

Their amazing lives begin so small and my eyes well up remembering their newborn skin against mine. The years pass so quickly!

Those kids grow… become… and before we know it they are on their own and making us as proud as punch!

At the beginning of this year, Dave and I laid out our calendars and plans. We both had ideas of how to celebrate 25 years.

Mine was to get-away… just the two of us.

Dave’s was to celebrate and have a party.

Instead of fighting over who got their way, we did both — We got away and we partied!

It’s been a beautiful, amazing summer of celebration! Thank you, babe!

Over the years we have added laugh lines to our aging faces and grey hairs to our heads. And Dave, you still make me happy and you’re still my greatest and closest friend.   Thanks for choosing and loving me!

I choose you today… and the day after that and the day after that… as long as we both shall live.

Love you, Babe!  ~~~ Happy 25!~~~

9 thoughts on “What I did 25 years ago today!

    • Yes! And that’s actually what I love about the picture. To me it symbolizes time and experiences that we have gone through and survived! 🤣🤣🤣. Time and experience have a way of wearing away the polish and shine of young love. Those experiences leave behind weathered skin, wrinkles and grey hair along with laugh lines and enduring strength. I’m happy you noticed that in the picture and my intention in putting it there.😁❤️ Thank you!

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