Happy Birthday To Me

This week I reached a milestone birthday — the Big 5-0

I’ve been looking forward to this all year.

Many look at age as a countdown to the inevitable. Some years I have been sad about the turning of another year, but this year has been different.

I think it all started with my change of perspective last year when Dave and I celebrated 25 years of marriage . It felt great to honor that milestone and celebrate with my most favorite people.

At the beginning of this year when Dave and I were setting goals and laying out the calendar dates, Dave asked me, “How are we going to celebrate this big 5-0 year?”

We had no idea Covid was going to descend on us and squash any kind of plans we might come up with, so in a small way I’m glad I didn’t pin my hopes on one big celebration.

Instead I set milestone goals for myself:

  • Walk 1,000 miles
  • Write 50,000 crafted words
  • Lose 15 pounds

Of these goals, walking 1,000 miles was the first one completed. My FitBit kept track and when COVID hit, I walked the back roads near my house, working out frustration and doing a lot of talking with Jesus because believe me, posting my frustration through words here would not have been productive toward my other goal of having this space be a source of encouragement! So on September 30th, I hit my walking goal!

As for the other goals, I’m around 20,000 crafted words and 2 pounds away from my weight goal. I’m good with my progress and working on them with my deadline being the end of this year.

I was sharing with a friend the other day about turning 50 and she said this to me, “My 50’s were my best decade! I had energy, focus, and wisdom from past experiences. It all pointed me in a good direction.”

I love that and I’m grabbing ahold of that attitude and determination. Why would I slow down because of a number change in the age category?

I love where I’m at. I’m more physically fit compared to the last few years. There are reasons for that… intentionally drinking more water, following a better sleep schedule and walking my butt off… literally! I’m not saying all that to brag but instead I’m connecting the dots and focusing on the bigger picture.

Better choices bring better conclusions.

Another life mantra I’m holding onto is this:

The fastest way to ruin any meaningful moment is to pile on the expectations.

If I had set the expectation that turning 50 had to be a big celebration with a big party and lots of people, I would have missed the magic of this past weekend.

It was simple.

My kids came home and we spent the weekend doing my favorite things and I was with my favorite people. It was simple and lovely.

This decade is the start of something good. It’s a new season of learning, growing and trying new things.

I’m not over the hill I’m just hitting my stride.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me

  1. We’re OK thanks Rachel despite everything this year has thrown at us!

    Our eldest turned 40 in August, but we don’t feel old enough to be parents to a 40-year old having kept fit during the pandemic through a lot of walking (also aided by Fitbits plus one small inherited dog). Glad you had your family home for your birthday.

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  2. You’re such an inspiration! Congratulations on the milestones being accomplished. I can’t wait to read those 50,000 crafted words that you are penning! Great pictures of truly great people!❤️ Be blessed, my friend! Never stop celebrating the wonderfulness of you! 😊

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