10 Simple Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Welcome friends,

Maybe it’s because Dave’s birthday is February 8 and our dating anniversary is February 11 so by the time we get to the famous and stressful February 14, we are done-did-restaurant-ed out. When our kids were young, and we didn’t have funds for flowers, dinner, and babysitters we began early in our marriage to be creative and celebrate Valentine’s Day simply. Make this the year where you take the pressure off yourself and your special love for perfection and instead share your affection for each other without breaking the budget or making reservations. Here are 10 simple ways to celebrate together!

  1. Fancy family dinner at home with kids – (This is one we have done for 20+ years) Choose any favorite dinner but for dessert fresh fruit (strawberries, pineapple) and large Dark Chocolate Hershey bars (or whatever kind of chocolate you like). Prepare strawberries (wash, pat dry with towel), pineapple (cut into 2-inch wedges, pat dry with paper towels). Lay out cookie sheets with parchment paper/wax paper, melt chocolate in double boiler, dip fruit in chocolate and lay out on cookie sheets, chill in refrigerator until set. (min. 30 minutes). Prepare your favorite dinner, decorate table with nice dishes, tablecloth and candles. Dress up for dinner, light candles, turn the lights low and after dinner while sharing the chocolate dipped fruit together, each person shares what they love about the other family members. (My kids looked forward to this every year and loved Valentine’s Day. They loved dressing up, feeling fancy and eating by candlelight. Plus, it’s a great way to teach your kids how to behave in a “nice” restaurant and have proper table manners.) — You can, of course, also do this without kids. 🙂
  2. Picnic in the family room with a rom/com movie – Again, this is a great one with or without kids. Choose a simple meal (homemade, delivery, take-out) and watch a movie together. (Some of our family favorites – Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang; You’ve Got Mail; Emma… (If those are too lovey-dovey for you there’s always (non-kid friendly but favorites): The Patriot, Brave Heart, or Gladiator.
  3. Play Scrabble with your Sweetheart – double or triple word points for relating a story from your relationship with the word.
  4. Write letters or poems to each other – light candles and read your letters/poetry to each other. (Or choose poetry from a book)
  5. Go for a stroll, hold hands and share your favorite moments from the last year.
  6. Send cards/valentines to others – There are many who have lost their loved one and will be missing them this year. Share the love and let them know you are thinking of them.
  7. Make a family favorite dessert and have a dance party. (Perfect time to teach your children how to slow dance for special occasions without the pressure of a crowd) Also choose some fun dancing games like Dance Dance Revolution, Limbo, or a family dance off time.
  8. Ice cream sundaes with all the toppings along with a game night (Charades, board games, puzzle… you choose)
  9. Purchase a plant instead of flowers – Easy plants for the office setting — succulents, bamboo, orchid. Easy home care plants – spider plant, peace lily, succulents
  10. Family Styled Sip and PaintFor the Sip – sparkling grape juice in goblets or something fun like root beer floats. For Paint – purchase blank canvases, paints and brushes. Choose your own pic to paint or watch an old Bob Ross video on YouTube or any other painting video) Then display your artwork together.
  11. BONUS: Simply choose an activity you love to do together and have fun. Let the day be about being together, making memories, and loving one another. ❤

With love and fun,

~ Rachel

If you have creative ideas for fun date nights, jump into the conversation and share them in the comments below!

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