Showing Up and Getting It Done

The blank screen and blinking cursor can be such a deal killer.

We can think it represents “our nothing to offer” feeling.

It’s amazing to me how often I battle the mindset of “I have nothing good to say or offer!” But why is it that we qualify our voice?

Often we judge ourselves so much more than others ever do. Instead of weighing all the “what if’s” and “is it worth anything?” we can just say it… without any qualifiers or quandaries. Instead, just get’er done!

And that’s what I’m doing today — just gettin’ it done!

To just hit “publish” feels like a win today! Anybody else out there feel that way?

Get’er done and get after it— that’s the win of the day!

Happy Friday, friends, and Hello Fall!

~ Rachel

After a long hiatus I’m linking up with Five Minute Friday today. Our word is “represent.” Join us here!

22 thoughts on “Showing Up and Getting It Done

  1. I definitely relate to staring at that blank screen and feeling like I have nothing to say, and I agree, sometimes we just have to push ourselves to say something. One of the things I love about Five Minute Friday is how it encourages me to do that!

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  2. Rachel, it is SO COOL to see you again!!!!!!!

    Can’t use computer any more,
    I write now on a phone,
    but all I say seems such a bore,
    no thoughts are here to hone.
    It’s been a long and losing fight
    against my dear foe, cancer,
    and amidst the fall of night
    I still have found no answer
    to that burning question, Why?
    Why do I yet live?
    Can it be that God thinks I
    still have something to give?
    And on the small and glowing screen,
    the blinking cursor flashes green.

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  3. I no longer say, “I have nothing to say,” but instead, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” It helps keeps my focus on Him. I’m so glad you persevered, Rachel! You wrote and published today! Woohoo! ~Lisa, FMF #2

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