What Were We Thinking?

Nineteen years ago this month, Dave and I went on an adventure.  Some people thought we were crazy.  And at times, so did I. We had left our place of ministry 6 months earlier knowing God had closed that door.  We placed our things in storage, moved in with family and Dave worked temp jobs to … Continue reading

On Days When Life’s a Little Crazy

Have you ever had one of those days when you can’t do anything right? I have… and yesterday was one of those days. I overslept, stubbed my toe, spilled my coffee and rubbed make-up in my eye. After arriving late to a meeting, I realized I forgot the book for that meeting on my desk at home. … Continue reading

Farewell Summer, Hello Autumn

We said our farewell to summer last night with friends and fireworks.  Now this morning, we settle into all things autumn… my favorite season. I’m on the hunt for autumn mums and pumpkins for the porch.   It’s time for unpacking fun boots and cozy sweaters. A few leaves scatter the yard and there’s a cool chill in the air.  Della is enjoying the fallen … Continue reading

When I Messed Up and Missed Out

After days of continually going, I finally cleaned out my bag. That bag is where everything gets jammed in for the day.  It’s a catch-all, hold-all and hope-I-don’t-forget bag.  It’s often my heavy-laden companion throughout the day. As I sat down to unload and clean out the bag to reload again. I made a quick sweep across the bottom … Continue reading

As They Leave Home and We Say Goodbye

So last week, I said, “goodbye” to our oldest daughter again. It’s that time of year, when we send our kids off to college and wonder again, “How did this go so fast?” Her flight wasn’t leaving until 5 in the evening so my whole day was just one long goodbye feeling.  I knew it … Continue reading

A Wrap-up on July and Summer Happenings

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here.  In fact, the last post was What I learned in May which seems like a bit of time gone by and here we are catching up on July. I thought of just jumping in with some random post that was not really related to anything at all.  But … Continue reading