Happy Birthday, Mom

Happy Birthday, Mom

Grief comes in waves. It’s foolish to think I can make it through January without tears. It’s been 15 years since my mother died.  January 18 was her last day on earth. As the sun was rising, He came and escorted her home. I remember the day with precision and clarity. I remember the room… … Continue reading

Leaving Behind and Moving Forward

Leaving Behind and Moving Forward

For a Monday morning, the fog outside gives the appearance that it’s much too early to leave the bed.  I’m drawn to stay under the covers with my heavy lids closed for just a bit longer. But the clock doesn’t lie and the pets wanting food don’t care that it’s Monday or foggy. I’ve been … Continue reading

Secret Treasures at Christmas Time

One of my favorite things to do at Christmas time is curl up on the couch, sip hot cocoa, dim the lights and let the Christmas tree’s light fill the dark space.  My mind quiets down and I begin to ponder. That word ponder always reminds me of the Bible verse in Luke 2 where … Continue reading

Keeping the Crazy Out of Christmas

We are in full-fledged Christmas mode.  The tree is up, decorated and topped with a Santa hat. Our son was home from college at Thanksgiving and the weather was beautiful so why not trim the tree the same weekend we are giving thanks! This is a busy time of year and we can sometimes be … Continue reading

Giving Jesus to Kids Today #GivingTuesday

The door swings open and in they come. One by one they hang up their coats and take off their boots. ‘T’ pops over…”Ms. Rachel, look at my kitty I brought in today!” “L” joins in… “I brought popcorn to share!!!” Giving them a sweet hug, I add in…”That’s so great!  I’m so glad you’re … Continue reading

Getting Over My Grumpies

*** I was scrolling through document files on my computer last night when I came across this little nugget from a few years back that I never posted. Even though Matt is older now and our world looks different from then, the sentiment of this post still carries through for today.  I share it with … Continue reading