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Even through death God brings life

The Easter weekend is over and it’s now time for clean-up. Packing away decorations, boxing up plastic eggs and putting things back in order. In the church and ministry, the weeks leading up to Easter and the big event of Easter morning requires more working hours, organizing volunteers and loads of energy.  As Dave likes … Continue reading

When we’re not happy with where we are

It’s Five Minute Friday with Kate and friends.  Each Friday, Kate gives us a word prompt and we write…it’s like a word-association game.  Then we link-up and share together.  If you’d like to read others or join in yourself, click here.  Our word prompt today is: TIME GO I’m thankful for microwave ovens and stores down the … Continue reading

My Love Relationship with the Microwave

My beloved microwave has been with me now for 14 years— Large and increasingly non-energy efficient…by todays standards…yet it is still near and dear to my heart.  The digital numbers are gone and no longer does it encourage me to “Enjoy!”  after the popcorn is popped! It’s a skill to know when it will beep, how much time is left or even what … Continue reading