Even through death God brings life

The Easter weekend is over and it’s now time for clean-up. Packing away decorations, boxing up plastic eggs and putting things back in order.

In the church and ministry, the weeks leading up to Easter and the big event of Easter morning requires more working hours, organizing volunteers and loads of energy.  As Dave likes to say, “It’s the church’s Super Bowl!”  And we have a lot to celebrate!

I’m always reminded throughout this celebration week of how great His love is for us.  We are sinners saved by grace… Loved by One who never quits or gives up.

new life

Through this past week my mind kept returning to the disciples.

At the beginning of the week, Jesus rode into Jerusalem riding a donkey. The people cheered, celebrated and were excited He was on the scene.

However, it was a whiplash of a week because by the end they went from celebration to crucifixion.

Everything was going well and then B>A>M> out of nowhere the floor fell out from underneath and the crowd with them in the beginning is now against them.  The disciples began their week with joy and by the end they faced grief and loss.  They sat locked in a room scared and wondering “Where do we go from here?”

Have you ever been there?  I have.

I’ve been in the place where things are going well. Finances are good, relationships smooth and everyone is happy. Life is sailing smooth.  Then B>A>M> something smacks hard and I find myself flat on the floor wondering what hit me. And I’m feeling just how much all that hurts.  I’m stunned into a state of “what just happened?”

That’s when I go back to John 12: 16

“At first His disciples did not understand all this.  Only after Jesus was glorified did they realize….”

In this life we travel some difficult roads.  We experience circumstances that come out of nowhere.  We can’t imagine they will happen to us and we don’t understand the meaning in it all.

We don’t get the “how?” or the “why?”  At least not in the moment. We simply walk …one step in front of the other… trusting He knows what He’s doing.

Sometimes it’s not until we are on the other side of the trial… on the other side of the ugly… that we see God’s hand working through it all and bringing about good in the midst of bad.

I don’t know the situation you are in today.  I don’t see what you are facing nor do I understand it all.  But this is the truth I believe.

Christ knows… Christ sees… and He hasn’t left you to walk this part of the journey alone.

Sometimes it’s not until we get on the other side of something dying that we see God bringing life out of what falls to the ground.

A dream of yours might be dying.  A relationship you cherished might now be ending and the road looks bleak ahead.

On the other side of death, there is life.

Only after Jesus’ death, resurrection and His return to the Father did the disciples see how God had been working out His plan through it all.

death to life

Only after… did they realize.

Today, I’m praying for you.

Wherever you find yourself on the journey… He is working for your good.

In the difficult, ugly and hard…. He is still bringing you through.

Hold onto Him.  Trust His Word. And keep believing that even through death God brings life.

You are loved today, friend.


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24 thoughts on “Even through death God brings life

  1. Rachel, what a great post…love that quote…”only after did they realize”…so true in my life…God sees the end from the beginning, we trust Him with our eternity, we can trust Him with the events of today…many blessings to you!


  2. Rachel, thanks so much for this encouragement. Every death brings new life when we’re following Christ, but it’s hard to see when we’re in the middle of it! I want to slow down and remember the resurrection this week now that Easter rush is over!


  3. So true Rachel! I have seen this play out many times and especially over this past year. God’s faithfulness is new every morning and brings life out of our broken places–making them beautiful.


  4. Oh, I needed that verse from John today! Understanding (if it comes at all in this life) is only possible AFTER Jesus is glorified. We have to look for the glory in it for Jesus first of all. That’s a world view that certainly changes the way I think about my trials!

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    • Good thought there, Anita! Yes, it’s all about Him and how He works for good. He’s got the plan and the purpose… we just have to trust Him with it! 🙂 Thanks for stopping over and jumping in!


  5. Rachel, Holy Week really is the church’s Super Bowl. But I love your thoughts here. Celebration to crucifixion sticks with me. I’m so glad God never leaves us alone.


  6. Amen, friend. I’m right there with you this week. I thought a lot about what it must have been life for the disciples to begin again after their Jesus was gone. But yes – He always is – with us, for us, by our side. Such a great reminder. Hugs, Rachel.


  7. Rachel, such a great post. Yes, Jesus always walks with us. I LOVE the promise that He never leaves us or forsakes us. We may not see Him walking with us, but He’s there. We may not feel Him or His joy in the moments, but He’s with us. The dark days come, but God is with us through them.

    Thank you for the reminder that even through death, God brings life. Good words!


    • Thank you, Jeanne! It’s a good reminder and I’m always reminded that He is faithful… never leaves, never is far but is always near! It’s a good thing!
      thanks for stopping over and jumping in!


  8. Thanks for the rich review of Easter and our celebration of it. I never grow tired of the reminder that Jesus walks with us through every season whether we see or recognize Him or not, He is there and never leaves us! Happy to be your neighbor at the Linkup at Holly Barrett/Testimony Tuesday.


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