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What Is That Under My Skin?

What Is That Under My Skin?

Don’t you hate when something small happens and it gets under your skin causing great havoc in your life? That happened to me this week. I shoved my hand into my bag searching for my keys. Something sharp jammed under my fingernail and into that tender spot between the nail and skin. OWWW! I yanked … Continue reading

When I Don’t Get It My Way

Now I was mad. And I had every right to be, didn’t I? I kept asking myself over and over “Why do I have to change? I wasn’t the one who screwed up?” My annoyance was piqued and topping out on the high scale. This whole “following and being led by Him” is hard when … Continue reading

{Why} Motherhood Matters ( Plus a GIVEAWAY)

As I pulled the book from its padded envelope, I read the top lines across the back, Mama, Your Work Has Deep Worth— Do you ever wonder if your efforts as a mom make any difference? Take heart —- Whether you’re struggling through sleepless nights with your toddler or endless battles with your teen, September … Continue reading

New Beginnings On The Journey

I’ve been putting off posting just for the simple reason that I don’t want to talk about what is really consuming my thoughts. My kids are growing up. It’s exciting and wonderful to watch them become yet at the same time it pulls at the heart. There’s a part where I want to go back … Continue reading

Come On Out and Play – #FMF

It’s Friday and time to link up with our friends at #FiveMinuteFriday.  This is when we write on the same word prompt for five minutes, no over-thinking or editing just simple writing and linking-up together.  Join us with your own thoughts here.  Our word prompt today: PLAY GO Having a play day in the middle of the week throws … Continue reading