Momma Green~ Peach Rings & Cinnamon Rolls

It’s amazing how the smallest taste, scent or sound can flood the mind with memories.

Peach rings and cinnamon rolls do that for me.

Cinnamon rolls—the words simply spoken bring memories of mom to the forefront. Mom rolling out the dough, sprinkling cinnamon, and lining up the bread to rise overnight. The aroma of baking rolls on a Sunday morning was always an amazing way to begin the day.

I was a little spoiled growing up. Not the way most think with toys, cool clothes and my wish list met but I was spoiled with an abundant amount of love.

I come from a family of six kids; mom had no favorites.  She spoiled us all.

Rachel's Baby Dedication 2

My day would begin, even as a teen, with soft whispers and a gentle back rub… “Ra…ch..el, {whispered in a sing/song-ey voice} it’s time to get up…would you like some breakfast?” and my day would begin.

Mom’s day was not complete unless she hugged each of her children.  Grabbing them as they walked into the kitchen, kissing their cheek excessively and saying “I love you!”

Even as a rebellious, annoying teen, she would put her arms around me and say, “I haven’t hugged you today…I need a hug.”

I was spoiled with love.

Mama Green (3)

My children were spoiled with love from Mom as well. She was Momma Green to them.  My kids often received mailed boxes of love packaged with stickers, pictures and noisy toys.  Mom loved filling my house with noise!! Noisy Love!

Almost daily, phone calls came from Momma Green just to hear how the wee ones were doing.

My kids were 6, 4 and 2 when Mom went home to Jesus. Young as they were, they knew Momma Green spoiled them with love.

Mama Green (2)

A few years after Mom was gone, we were sharing funny stories about Momma Green. One of my children piped in, “Oh, remember the peach rings? Momma Green always had peach rings–those sugary treats she would sneak us for breakfast.”

Oh, how time changes things: Mom spoiled me with cinnamon rolls and her grandkids with peach rings!

As the years go by and the wee ones turn to teens, I see Mom in the kitchen waiting…and I remember.

I grab my kids, hold them close and spoil them with love.

We miss Mom often and speak of her fondly. We laugh at her stories and thank God for her prayers.

This weekend we remember you, Mom, and in honor of you, we will spoil ourselves with peach rings and cinnamon rolls. We love you, Momma Green ~ Happy Mother’s Day

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