Just for Fun Friday ~ Lullabies, Socks & Shoes

My husband and I were gone away at Pastor meetings this week.  We arrived home last night to a clean house and a short-sheeted bed…thanks to my amazing kiddos!

My son, Jonathan, has always loved music.  When he was small and sitting in the high chair, the best way to keep him concentrated on his food was to sing him crazy songs.  He would become mesmerized by the melody as I methodically spoon-fed him his baby cereal.

I grew tired of singing the same old songs, so I began composing~making up on the spot~songs about Jon and Sam…which entranced him even more.

composed the song in this video when they were small.  As more children were born, more verses were written!

The kids sang the song, filmed and edited this video for my Mother’s Day gift this year.  How sweet to know my children hold this song dear even though they are way beyond the lullaby stage now.

Just for a special treat on this Just for Fun Friday, here’s the one they put together for my birthday last year!    Love these amazing kids!

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